Flying Start for Toga’s Irish Sea Logistics

The first few month’s of trading for Irish Sea Logistics, since being acquired by Toga Group have been exceptionally strong.

An average of 8 groupage trailers per week are being loaded for shipping via Holyhead to Toga’s ACP bonded warehouse in Dublin, with another three trailers loading each week for shipping to Northern Ireland.

Irish Sea Logistics’ Erith depot is a TSF Bonded warehouse, so all the groupage trailers bound for the Republic of Ireland are consigned to Toga Freight’s ACP bond and travel under T1, meaning that the trailers do not get stopped in Dublin Port for inspection, but instead arrive at Toga without fail. This means that any goods that don’t get a green routing can be placed in the bond, allowing all the green routed consignments to be released for delivery. This gives Irish Sea Logistics and Toga Dublin a significant advantage over almost all other groupage operators in the region.

In addition, Toga’s large European network of partners have also used the Erith facility to ship Irish bound goods under T2 directly to Dublin over the landbridge, a fantastic extra option for the European partners to move urgent goods quicker or ship overspill from the direct to Ireland trailers.

Toga Freight are now receiving almost 200 groupage containers and trailers every week into their 60,000 sq ft transit facility in South Dublin.