TOGA introduces stringent movement controls and additional hygiene measures

As the phased “unlocking” of Ireland was underway, TOGA introduced a company wide system of controlling the movement of staff and visitors.


Whilst our depots had been effectively closed since March 13th, we were now preparing to allow greater flexibility and allow visitors and for staff to move around the facility in a more relaxed, but safer manner.


Along with through disinfecting of all areas that is carried out after hours by specialist contractors, we also “zoned” the site and allocated certain zones to certa

in staff. Any movements to other zones is allowed but needs to be recorded on the Zone sheets located in all key areas.

This would enable us to effectivel

y contact trace and locate any contractor, visitor of staff member who may have come in to contact with someone who subsequently tested positive for COVID 19.

All staff have their temperature checked every day on arrival at work. Visitors or any contractor who is on site for more than 15 minutes also must complete a health questionnaire on arrival.

It is testament to the success of the measures in place, that over 3 months since we locked down, despite having 50 staff and up to 50 visiting truck drivers and couriers arriving at our depot every day, from over 14 different countries – we have not seen any sickness or positive tests for COVID 19 amongst our staff, client base or supply chain networks.